Friday, November 13, 2015

Exclusive Seasonal Prints!

This year for the holidays I'm rolling out this new second edition of my 2013 piece titled The Strongest Muscle with a Sacred Heart twist along with a similar print based on my new film Treasures of  Earth with the same title. There are 35 editions of each piece, with 15 available of each available to Portland locals at my favorite boutique, ALTAR.

I spent a few days tea staining paper and individually hand embellishing each print with gold leaf. It's a pain staking and very delicate process, but my process has greatly improved since last year.  My tea staining process changes every time I do it -  last year I experimented with jasmine flower infused black tea and a tad of bronze paint. To my surprise they came out smelling fragrant like my favorite flower and with just a hint of glimmer. The new edition has a bit of a more controlled and bold tea staining process, tediously painting all 70 prints individually with three different layering techniques. The stain came through much darker and with many interesting shapes this time!

These guys are available here in my etsy shop!

The gif images and the video below are from last year's 1st edition of 6 prints. They're not much different from the second edition aside from a more generous gold oval frame and the more obvious tea staining, but I've become much better at printing and embellishing at home, so I was able to make much more!

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