Monday, December 2, 2013

The Strongest Muscle

This print is available in limited edition 5x7 inch prints in black and white and tea stained here.

This is a documentation of one of my newer pieces called The Strongest Muscle.
I hear that your tongue is really the strongest muscle in the human body, but I'm not about to draw flowers growing from a gross wet thing - other than a heart.

This was a commission work that a lovely lady named Madison asked me to tackle. I love doing anatomical pieces - especially after completing my HUMAN NATURE series in 2012. Doing these pieces is a great exercise for my confidence. After comparing anatomical heart pieces I've done over the past year, it's apparent my style and skill has grown. None of these are anywhere near anatomically correct, but my illustration style is undeniably more recognizable.

My HUMAN NATURE series started as a therapeutic practice for me. I used to have a lot of trouble with my body; it being simultaneously a shell and an intricately designed piece of machinery. The thought of anything below my skin made me nauseous, so going to the doctor was a huge event for me. Countless times I've blacked out after donating blood or simply seeing a needle.

But after completing the series and continuing it through commissions I was able to appreciate the delicacy and intricacy of the machines we've been assigned to and their undeniable mortality. Not to be completely and totally arrogant, but the human body really is the coolest invention ever.

HUMAN NATURE #3 (Completed April 2012)

PHILOSOPHY OF HEART (Commission completed August 2012)


  1. I think those are reversed slightly. The heart is the strongest but the tongue is the longest...I think?

    1. I think it's some kind of myth that your tongue has the most strength of your entire body. I don't if it's true, but it's hilarious. And I know that the heart isn't entirely muscle, but just for the sake of time I'm not going to name my art "The Strongest Cardiac Muscle/Organ (as in the only one)." Haha.

    2. The Strongest Red Thing in your Body perhaps :p


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