Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Morning

You came in with the breeze
On Sunday morning

Earrings (c/o): Ghostlove
Bag: eBay
Cowl (c/o): Hendrik.Lou
Knit dress (c/o): Morph Knitwear
Maxi dress: Forever21
Hoodie: Ovate
Shoes: eBay
My ride: 1935 Auburn Speedster

I wear variations of this outfit to mass almost every Sunday.
To be perfectly honest, it's primarily because I feel like I'm wearing fancy pajamas.
I constantly fall back on maxi dresses because they're great for layering, they're comfortable yet elegant, and incredibly versatile in their simplicity.
Plus, driving the Auburn to church on misty winter mornings requires a lot of layers and I'm becoming somewhat of an expert on the subject; with my sensitivity to low temperature and all.
And let's not forget to take a moment to talk about that magical web of artistry my torso is entangled in. My friend Angela, mother of Morph Knitwear, gave me that dress when I modeled one of her collections earlier this year. It has been put to very good use and I can't wait to have another piece from her again someday soon.
(Yes, I really ride around in that car.)

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  1. all my favorite indie designers in one outfit! <3 love love


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