Thursday, March 13, 2014

Point Blank

Shoes: eBay
Draped trousers (c/o): Widow Clothing
Asymmetric top: eBay
Leather purse (c/o): Widow Clothing
Hair cuff: eBay
Ear cuff: eBay

House of Widow is quickly becoming a huge source of inspiration for me. Believe it or not, I was most attracted to Widow's brilliant branding and graphic design first. It resonated incredibly well with what I wanted to achieve with my signature aesthetic personally and professionally. Once I saw that I would wear pretty much anything they had in their shop, it was like finding that puzzle piece you lost under the couch decades ago.
Their brand is just the right mix of everything. These pants for example; are just the right amount of masculinity and elegance with a dash of goth. As most of their clothing is. So much grace, mystery, and strength is constructed in every one of their pieces. You CAN do goth wrong (believe it or not, Hot Topic), but they are doing the absolute opposite. Good freaking job, you guys.
(Yeah, my hair is long.)


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