Monday, March 17, 2014

The Last of Her Fading Power

Dress: Nasty Gal
Fur: Poor little bunny
Custom dreadfalls: Armored Girl
Crystal crown: Elemental Child

I was honored to take part in the first set in my dear friend Kindra's new series; Dreamscapes.
She has influenced my artistic life heavily. Breathing new life into what was becoming a stale job for me. It's always a treat to work with her.  Since I'm a full time artist, the lustre of creating tends to become somewhat dull. Doing anything day and night tends to do that to anyone. But Kindra's ferverous chase for the transcendent experience art provides never fails to remind me of why I began my journey so long ago. She pushes me on levels I don't always even fully realize. Kindra's a real breath of fresh air. And of course we work together very well. The contrast of our personalities benefits our projects greatly. As seen here, for example.
Kindra and I collaborated on conceiving the concept for this shoot some time before I was able to travel back up to Seattle from California. Again, I wanted to explore the fascination I have with alluring deceitful film characters by emulating the curious exposition and demise of Narnia's White Witch; Jadis. 
I woke up very very ill the morning we were supposed to travel up to some mountains to shoot this set. I was determined to push on as I knew how much this meant to Kindra and we also had a couple of very generous designers on board for the set. Not to mention I knew it was going to be effing cool despite how I felt. And strangely, my illness greatly contributed to the mood of the photos. I feel that it's always best to try to feel the shot, not just pose. As you can see, I definitely felt the character. I felt defeated, miserable, and weak. But it was so worth it!
Anyway. Kindra never disappoints. Her vision is so specific. 
I'd like to especially thank Elemental Child for allowing us to utilize this amazing handmade crown along with Deven of Armored Girl for making me the gorgeous custom dreadfalls that made my hair so gigantic and fancy. I'd also like to thank the little bunny that kept my body somewhat warm and possibly kept me on the edge of uhlive instead of ded.

See better quality photos on Kindra's Flickr.

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  1. Amazing photos <3 Love the idea and the mood << so artistic ! xxx


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