Thursday, March 6, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you...

Tank (c/o): Crossfox
Lip color (c/o): Lime Crime's "Coquette"
Shorts: eBay

As many of you may know, I made a huge move across the country a couple of weeks ago. I'm loving it, but still adjusting - as huge changes tend to require some adjustment. 
I took very little with me, mostly just what I could fit into my new wee little car, so I'm rebuilding my home basically from scratch. It will take awhile with all of the basic yet over complicated tasks that come with moving interrupting my work and daily life. Finding comfort amidst the chaos and excitement has probably been the second biggest obstacle. The first being coming to terms with being so geographically separated from my family (I've moved and traveled all over the west coast, but I was always within maybe a days driving distance from my folks and sisters).
So establishing some sort of cozy down time has been priority for keeping my nerves from suffocating me (I'm a very anxious person). What that basically means is I've been making a lot of tea and cocoa, cuddling in my bed with Fringe after dinner, and living in Crossfox pieces.
My friend Emilie, mother of Crossfox, surprised me with a couple of pieces of hers right before I left. I drove from Washington to California wearing them, then from California to Tennessee while wearing them. It feels like cheating because they feel as comfortable as new pajamas on Christmas, but hug me and flatter my figure - not to mention they look freaking awesome. It's the kind of effortless style and comfort I need right now. She'll be gracing this blog again soon!

Prints from this set are available here!


  1. Hi Cassie, I THINK this girl is stealing your ideas, I don´t if she have your permission but anyways:

    username: thegothicsprite

    Bye bye

    1. Thanks for notifying me! We just got it cleared up. :)


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