Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Wicked Witch of the East

Gown: eBay
Feather Stole (c/o): The Sky Gadgeteer
Eyeliner (c/o): Lime Crime's "Reason"
Lip color (c/o): Lime Crime's "Poisonberry"
Silver cuffs: eBay
Skull: late husband

Ok, so I wouldn't normally wear this out and about, but I'm definitely not the kind of person that needs to have an excuse to play dress up either. Sophie, mother of The Sky Gadgeteer, was kind enough to give me the opportunity to play dress up by providing me with this beautiful custom hand made feather stole!
I've known Sophie for perhaps a year now and I've watched her grow from the ground up at an exponential rate. She has worked so very hard developing and mastering her craft and style. Although her shop is still in its infant stage, there's no telling how far she will come in the very near future.
Doe Deere, mother of Lime Crime, also gave me the opportunity to play with my face. Yup, play with it. She generously gave me some wild colors from her fabulous brand that made me step out of my comfort zone with makeup. I tend to be very mute, dark, and matte with makeup routine. And that routine rarely changes but every five years or so. I'm very stuck in my ways with makeup. But Lime Crime has allowed me to not take all of that so seriously and to make getting ready in the morning fun rather than a chore. I have been experimenting a lot and over the years and I've realized that experimenting usually equals a "meh" at the end of it when it comes to my face. But without fail everything I have tried from their brand instantly makes me feel shiny and new. It's really surprisingly effortless! You don't need to much else to your face when using their products - just a little bit personifies freedom as far as self expression is concerned.
This look was also a bit inspired by Evanora as portrayed in the recent film Oz: the Great and Powerful. Rachel Weisz' character was so much fun! The character design was also brilliant. I think the most evil and frightening of villains tend to be the ones that are the most deceitful concerning their true nature and intentions. It's something that really fascinates me and has a profound effect on me at the same time, as I've had my fair share of dealings with illusionists and fakers in the past! Oh well.

Prints from this set are available here!


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