Tuesday, January 26, 2016

72 Hour Print Release

[Until Friday, January 29th, 8pm CST]
(A cut off before January 29th is possible as I can only fulfill so many orders by myself!)

Last summer I was shocked to find out that near the 3rd anniversary of the official extinction of the Western Black Rhinoceros, there was only ONE male Northern White Rhinoceros left worldwide. It's reported that every 7 hours a rhino is killed for his horns. Along with that sad news, thanks to poaching, another 8/10 elephants are taken for their tusks, only the other two are able to die of natural causes. The war against poaching is an expensive 24/7 job, but I'm so glad I recently came across Rhinos Without Borders, an organization aiming to conserve, relocate, and replenish the rhinoceros population by moving them further north and to educate those of us who don't understand the dire consequences of obliterating a species to make trinkets.

My goal is to donate 25% of the profits of these prints to Rhinos Without Borders, with my highest goal being a contribution of $500. The number sold within the 72 hour release will determine the number in the edition, but I hand embellish all of these prints myself, so I may cut off the release if I sell more than my little fingers can make.
As I said before, the process takes a very long time, so all orders will be fulfilled after 2/21/2016 with expected delivery of early March. And because of the hand embellished process, some slight variation is expected. 

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