Monday, August 3, 2015

Advocata Evæ

By Cassie Meder. 2015. 
Various sized limited edition prints are now available here.

This piece was commissioned by some of my favorite fashion forward folks! We will soon have more news on the extension of our collaboration at the end of the year!

In the mean time, I thought I'd take a moment to shine a bit of light on the inspiration for this image. This year I've been very drawn to Marian art (halos on everything), and how she is usually found to be depicted simultaneously as the nurturing mother, the melancholy Queen of Heaven, and an overall fierce woman. An image of my dear friend Kindra reminded me of the feelings Marian art instills in me. My friend is very close to nature, as is Our Mother, and I find it to be no coincidence! What a rich love it is to have for nature, but also a sad weight as the responsibilities for natural life are so unbalanced nowadays. Both women are advocates for humans, our home, and for the self of the beyond that can only be achieved through love. That is why one of Mary's many names is ADVOCATA EVÆ, in Latin, or in English, Advocate of Eve. See what I did there? Tada!

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