Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Photography and everything else by Casstronaut
Ropework by Rohmy
Sheer lace up bodysuit by Widow
This is one of the larger attempts at expanding my photography work and I'm quite pleased with the results! Usually photographing myself is an emotional and logistical struggle. I live in a fairly small space that I've turned into a live-in set, so space can be very limiting and sometimes impossible at times. Because of that, it's tricky to create the perfect composition combination that's both flattering, interesting, and showcases the items I'm trying to shoot well. I'm so inspired by the work of my friend Myriam of Rohmy Couture that it all fell together so naturally and seamlessly. My husband John usually helps me take photos, but yesterday he was home sick and confined to the Netflix dungeon, so I took to myself as not to murder him in a tiny room with hot lights. I of course made a huge mess of my bedroom and taking a handful of photos took nearly five hours, but I'm so pleased with the result! Especially considering all the black! I've only tried to shoot in front of my bedroom curtains once, but it was futile as black on black on black on black usually just doesn't fly. But enough of that. Look at Myriam's amazing work!
Speaking of! Rohmy and I will be doing a giveaway very soon! She will kindly be gifting one of her ropework harnesses to one lucky lady. Be sure to scope out our instagram accounts frequently to be the first to know!

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  1. These are stunning! You have a real talent for posing and for creating movement in an otherwise static image. I know how much effort goes into self portraits so I'm always impressed and inspired by what you come up with.

    On a different note, gorgeous bedroom curtains. I love how you decorate your home. :)


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