Thursday, December 11, 2014

New "Dreams Under Siege" pieces

Win the Battle for your Imagination with these new "Dreams Under Siege" pieces with art created by myself, Cassie Meder and graciously printed in collaboration with the folks at Carousel Ink. We've been working on these since September and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out! 

Featuring watercolor roses, visions of knives and arrows raining down on the pure of heart, iridescent rainbow foil crystals and windows, a princess and a beast all against a gorgeous light weight dove grey silver fabrics. These pieces convey a story of the constant attack of reality we dreamers, artists, and creators constantly endure. 

Tops made in the USA from scratch from a beautiful grey with hint of lavender silky Rayon Spandex. Screenprinted with water based inks & iridescent rainbow foil. One size fits all.

Scarves are a LIMITED EDITION of 15 - they will not be returning once sold out! I only have four left at the moment! Also Made in the USA from scratch & from laundered poly chiffon.


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