Friday, November 21, 2014

The Strongest Muscle: Sacred Heart Edition

This year for the holidays I'm rolling out this new edition of my 2013 piece titled The Strongest Muscle with a Sacred Heart twist.

I spent a few days tea staining paper and individually hand embellishing each print with gold leaf. It's a pain staking and very delicate process, so I was only able to make six. I planned for fifteen, but sometimes prints decide for themselves whether or not they want to be made!

My tea staining process changes every time I do it, so this time I experimented with jasmine flower infused black tea and a tad of bronze paint. To my surprise they came out smelling fragrant like my favorite flower and with just a hint of glimmer. This could be the shiniest thing I've ever done!

I don't have many 5x7 frames available on hand, but I figure with the oval shape of the gilding, a floating frame or a 5x7 mat frame in an 8x10 frame would look best.

These guys are available here in my etsy shop!

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  1. breath-taking've a great talent!


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