Friday, September 19, 2014

A Wedding Dress Story

Finally! A little glimpse at my finished wedding dress!
I made this video throughout the entire process of making my dress with Holly Stalder - right down to the fittings.
The lining and volume of the dress is made mostly from my mother-in-law's wedding dress that you saw in my previous post. The rest is made up of gorgeous wrinkled tulle, metallic spiderweb lace, and hand embellished lace. Holly dyed everything the lightest color of gray. Which was really cool because in some lights it looked like a really light purple and in others it looked like a really light blue. 
We were going for a modern and haunting early 1900s theme. Hence all of the guaziness and webby stuff. It was a bit difficult because we thought that a dropped waist would be perfect, but the fabric made it kind of awkward and if you went too low it ended up basically being a mermaid skirt. But alas! Holly made everything work so well. I can trust her with anything - she really knows my style. I'm so grateful to have such an incredibly talented friend.


  1. This is so beautiful.
    As you modelled wedding dresses a while ago I thought this is really not you. You looked pretty anyway, but it wasn't your special style I adore so much. But this dress, your dress... perfection.

  2. In reference to your blog post about always working no matter what you are doing, I thought it was interesting that you have your phone in your hand the whole time during the final fitting... very telling! Gorgeous dress, video, vision, everything. Your work seems to pay off in all that you do! xo...

    1. Ha! Ironic, right? But I was actually attempting to skype with my mother in law, as she lives in California and I was in Portland. But yeah, trying to include her also attributed to my not being included in the process to a certain extent. Haha. Although most of the getting married process was like that, unfortunately. And thank you very much! xx


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