Thursday, January 23, 2014

As Tall as Buildings

Dress // Tunic thing: AllSaints Spitafields
Hoodie: Ovate
Cowl (c/o): Hendrik.Lou
Leggings: eBay
Sunnies: eBay
Gaiters: eBay
Bag: eBay

If you haven't noticed, I buy a lot from eBay. Mostly from eBay, actually.
So most of my outfits tend to have something precious and handmade (and usually over my budget) from a designer I know well or from somewhere I just really like and just have to have. I feel that this is completely justifiable since we just established that everything else I buy is from eBay. Right? 
My point is; invest in some versatile statement pieces and pair them with a number of cheap no name brand items and you can never go wrong. You'll (1) have a ton of options, (2) won't look too cheap or too gaudy, and most importantly (3) I think you'll look like you have much better things to do rather than spending all of your money and time trying to look better than everyone. Don't try too hard and balance everything out, you know? 
This look is a prime example of my theory.
My hoodie and my dress are both spendy designer pieces. But as you have seen (or will see anyway), I wear them all the time with anything and they never fail to make what I'm wearing feel out of the ordinary and unique. Now, I have paired this dress with leather leggings, giant boots, and an ornate handmade headpiece before -- which was just about over the top, but it all depends on the context, I suppose! (I spend every one of my birthdays at The Edison.)
Maybe I'll break out the big boots again someday.

This dress was a big birthday present to myself a couple of years ago. I'm not tired of it yet!
My birthday outfit pre Edison last year! See!

Side note: I think this look is kind of hilarious when paired with the undeniably Californian scenery behind me. It's a little obvious I don't fit in well here. Sorry guys, I left my surf board and self tanner at home.


  1. I also get quite a few things from Ali Baba Express if you are into the whole "buying lots of stuff from China" sort of thing. It all depends on what you want from the quality of our items though, does it not?

    1. Correction - dependent on price as much as you would want on quality.

    2. I try to be careful of what I buy from China. Especially Ali Baba -- they've stolen photos from my photographer and designer friends in attempts to sell knock offs. I'd just rather not support that. I like supporting my designer friends when I can, so I usually just buy little things and staples from China.

  2. hi cassie, love the gaiters! just curious...what boots are you wearing with them? i absolutely love your blog! you're pictures are so soothing xoxo

    1. Thanks, Angela! I got them on eBay a loooong time ago and I'm afraid I've been unable to find them again. I'm sure if you search "goth/gothic boots" or something along those lines something will come up. :)

  3. Hi Cassie,
    I'm thinking about buying that Hendrik.Lou cowl but am wondering-- is it an infinity cowl (does it have a twist?) or is it just a loop (no twist)? Love love LOVE your blog! Thank you!


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