Friday, September 23, 2016

New Cathedral Leggings!

I'm honored and excited to announce my second collaboration with my friends at Carousel Ink! This has been a long time coming, but I was able to complete this image so quickly after some inspiration suddenly struck. We've been meaning to make another pair of leggings together since my "Dreams Under Siege" legging, but my personal life and business life have been incredibly busy (yet again and again and again). I'm so happy to have done this a second time and for it to be conveying such a prominent symbol in my life. My home parish is actually a cathedral, so I'm going to be very nerdy and wear them to mass. 

While these are called my cathedral leggings, they're actually not technically a cathedral. A cathedral means a parish where the bishop in a diocese sits. So not all cathedrals look quite as extravagant as this one. Some are actually more bare - it just depends on where you are. The image I created is something I borrowed and pooled together from maybe a dozen different cathedrals from all over the world. But for the sake of art wearers, I wanted to create something anyone can wear and admire, similarly to the architecture of many cathedrals. Which are meant to emulate heaven, as in to inspire you to imagine how beautiful heaven might be while participating in a global and multidimensional  mass. The decorations have specific meaning. Even for those who don't subscribe to those beliefs - creating wonder and beauty is something that transcends humanity, something every person should be able to admire and appreciate. Similar to my new design - you don't have to be nerdy like I am and wear them to a mass. It's something anyone can wear to invoke inspiration, a phenomenon incredibly spiritual to every human.

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