Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Four Seasons

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Cassie Meder's "The Four Seasons" series is greatly inspired by Armani PrivĂ©'s elegant Fall 2012 couture collection. The series also alludes to her personal adjustments from seasonal changes in her the Pacific Northwest origins to her new surroundings the Southern United States. Each piece represents a sense of heavy reverence for nature, contrasted with a human feeling of oppression as a result of the Earth's changes. 

WINTER personifies the harsh, biting, yet quiet cold in the South, drawing inspiration from the halting ice storms she's experienced in Tennessee since her move in 2014. The towering walls of limestone in Nashville have grown curtains of icicles every year since her relocation - one of the most fascinating, yet terrifying noticeable changes. 

SPRING draws back to her Northern roots, to the heavy fog and weighty moisture that strains the new life this season produces. Her mother grew a wisteria tree in their backyard, which overpowered a patio and its accompanying canopy. When the rain began, a violet bloom would cascade to the ground with each drop. Hence the hidden, heavy foil laden wisteria blooms in the veil.

The most oppressive season in the South, SUMMER, represents her new experience with the thick air that chokes and clings, along with the abnormally large insects that infest the air and seem to look into your eyes - they have no qualms about sharing personal space with humans. 

AUTUMN is much gentler piece, calling back to the vibrant dark green ivy that catches the dew and frost in its folds greedily before any other plant preparing for winter. It blankets almost the entire Pacific Northwest, including her childhood home. It can also be found covering the walls of a monastery in Kentucky she periodically visits - a new haven of sorts for her in the South.

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