Monday, November 10, 2014

Morticia's Day Out!

Top: eBay
Culottes: Nastygal
Shoes: eBay
Backpack: eBay (similar)
Black rings: Hunter Gatherer

I finally took a day to explore my new Tennessee home a bit more! I found an abandoned airport along the way, so I decided to walk all over it in my new best friend of pants that aren't really pants. I mean, do you really think you'd catch Mrs. Addams in a pair of jeans? Not even in the grave.


  1. Hi,
    I'm sorry for asking, maybe it's weird, but... what is your shoe size? I'm asking, because I really want to buy those shoes, but I'm taller than you and I'm also really skinny and I have this freakishly thin calf and I would have to buy bigger size and then I think that it wouldn't look as good as on you. Uff. It was intense, but somehow I said it. :-) Also "somehow" - because English is not my native language and it's quite a challenge to write something. And of course I'm sorry for any mistakes. :-) And also I really like your work. :-) My best to you


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