Sunday, October 19, 2014

Affordable Originals

FAUSTUS (sold)

Around this time every year I like to stock my shop up with smaller affordable prints in order for my customers to either snag things for themselves or finally get something they know a friend would really adore. I know how difficult the holidays can be when you love this time of year so much! I love giving people gifts but sometimes you can't always get everyone something as special as you'd like to. I struggle with not being able to give every single person I know something neat every year.
So this year I thought we could all help each other out! I know nothing quite compares to an original piece of art work (prints are cool, but it's not always the same - no matter how much they look like the original). And I needed some practice. 
I'm awful at drawing hands. In fact, I usually just hide them in my drawings. I think they're one of the coolest parts of the human body but I can never get them quite right. So this was a chance for me to create something small every day that I needed practice with, and to also escape the looming onslaught of working on a single gigantic piece every single day for two months. That just happened, actually. I just finished a large 20x30 collaborative project that confined me to my office floor for two months! So it was really liberating to do something kind of noncommittal but still of good quality every day. I have a really hard time committing to doodle projects like "Inktober," where you doodle in ink every day all month. I think it would be fun, but doing that kind of thing even for practice makes me feel more and more like I'm just stacking up unfinished unfleshed business. I could definitely use an attitude adjustment about that.
Anyway! I hope you guys can snag some of these before they're completely gone! I plan on doing a few more 2.5x3.5s as well as some 4x4s so you haven't missed your chance yet! As of today, the first three pieces in this post are still available here. Happy holidays and merry arting!  

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