Monday, August 25, 2014


Harness: Hopeless Lingerie
Cage bralette: Hopeless Lingerie (similar)
Black stacking rings: Hunter Gatherer Jewelry
Silver branch ring: Hunter Gatherer Jewelry
Skirt: eBay
Velvet hooded cloak: Vintage

I can't write much today as I seem to be coming down with something, but I'll take the time to make this little public service announcement...
Buy independent!

The ladies who made the pieces in the photos above are artisans no manufacturer can replicate. Not only are they incredible for sacrificing so much time and energy to perfecting their craft, but they offer up such a quality and level of detail that can best be compared to that of a honeycomb; carefully constructed and articulated by a complex hive-mind in such elegance and strength. You won't get that special kind of feeling from lingerie or jewelry from Forever 21 - I'll tell you that. So treat yourself to pieces from independent artists every so often. It helps the economy and makes you feel like royalty. Really.

Also, this is the first shoot featuring my nearly completed living room. I'm slowly working on turning my house into a studio/Moulin Rouge/Munster Family home homage room by room. It has eventually come to be titled the SS Casstronaut. I thought the USS Enterprise would be fitting as well, but it seems to already be taken.

Signed prints from this set are available here.


  1. wow, amazing photos and your style <3

  2. OMG! Love It,
    Lingerie as outerwear


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