Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dreamscapes // Advent of Plentitude

I have had so much fun (and have gained so much muscle!) from participating in Kindra's ever expanding photography portfolio. Her new project, Dreamscapes, has been another adventure entirely. 
As per usual, the character and entire outfit was conceived of by Kindra, all of it handmade by her as well with the help of myself and Kindra's friend Matt who made the base of the skirt. Kindra and I are both huge fans of the 1927 film Metropolis. So you can definitely say this character is directly inspired by Metropolis. You know, that super long awkward garden scene?
I don't have a lot of time to write about this other than to say it was a lot of work for one day and I cannot believe we were able to pull it off. We found all of those flowers very early in the morning, sewed some fabric for a base onto the primary base of the skirt, glued three trash bags worth of flowers onto the skirt all the while burning each other with hot glue guns 'cause confined space, constructed that drapey top in a matter of moments, got me ready, and voila. To my surprise doing my makeup and hair took the least amount of time - usually, in fashion, that's the thing that takes up the most time of a shoot. 
Also, at the end of the video up there. I ended up on the ground due to collapsing under the weight of my body combined with the weight of the skirt. I was balancing on the ball of one foot while on an incline. See what I mean by gaining muscle? (Insert robust RAAAAAH!)

Model & MUA: Cassie Meder
Photography, concept, costume creation & design: Kindra Nikole Photography
Skirt base creation & design: Matt Castiglione
Assistant: Alli Chinn-Tupper

flickr view of the final photo

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