Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The It Girl

Asymmetric top: eBay
Tassel belts: eBay
Maxi skirt: eBay

Anyone who has complimented my hair in the past months has probably received this response; "It's out of control!" or "It's a monster!" Both of which are true. (By the way, thanks if you've fed my hair's ever growing ego lately.) My hair is usually a happy accident. I'm not trying to grow it out -- it's been long my whole life. But now it just happens because I forget that hair grows and quite frankly I'm lazy and cheap when comes to stuff like that. It's never been this long. And the photos above were taken in March. So use your imagination to add another six or so inches.
Anyway, my point is. Turns out that my choice in clothing is somehow dependent on my hair. It's pretty mundane, I know. But it's hilarious when it's kind of unconscious. Like when people accidentally start looking like their pets. From looking at photos in the past six months, particularly on this blog, I've noticed the slightest evolution in clothing inch by inch. I basically transform from being a Program on The Grid into Cousin It.
Has anyone else experienced this accidental evolution?

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  1. Your hair is lovely! I'm getting major Morticia Addams vibes from your outfit. I have noticed that I wear shorter clothes when my hair is short. Long clothes can throw me off balance. I imagine that if I had long hair, I would wear longer clothes too.



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