Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moving Sale - Round 1!

Guess who moved across the country to Nashville, immediately stuffed their brand new walk-in closet with crap, came back to Portland to get the rest of their stuff, found a huge load of clothes and neat things in general that were never really used much, is selling it all on eBay, and is basically insane!
I am. 
These pieces are just a tiny dent in the many piles of clothing I need to send away so I don't have to send them to myself -- yeah, I'm freaking crazy and I'm mailing ALL of my crap to Nashville instead of moving like a normal person.
So, check out my eBay for deals on fun things such as Black Milk Clothing! More will be coming along to my eBay and my Facebook as well as soon as I have the time to list everything.

I guess this might explain to you guys why I haven't been very active with this blog lately. I have so much going on I barely have time to cook myself a decent meal, let alone take fancy photos of myself wearing things. Gosh!

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