Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Wild Hunt

Jacket (c/o): Crossfox
Jodhpur leggings (c/o): Crossfox
Shoes (c/o Solestruck): Irregular Choice's "Longer Lashes"
Dreadfalls (c/o & custom made!): Armored Girl

Here I am again, working with the lovely Emilie of Crossfox! I'm always so honored to work with such a quality artist. Emilie's designs are completely her own, combining multiple aesthetics (a dash of tribal, Victorian, and a hint of equestrian/military uniform) to create something so unique that you can't quite put a label on it (let's just call it millequeevicribal fusion wear). I love that most about Crossfox. What I love just as much is the amazing detail and craftsmanship that can be found in every one of her pieces. You can see the love and dedication that goes into Emilie's work quite clearly just by looking at the stitching and observing the fit. I've never felt so good in a jacket before!
I also had the honor of attacking my head with lots of Armored Girl's custom dreadfalls. I'm still working on how exactly to style them so I can wear them on a day to day basis, but it's no work at all making them look natural. She got the color of my hair just right. I think it's so fun to have the option to something with your hair as committed as dreadlocks sans the commitment!
(Sad thing about my favorite boots: I got them while I was modeling for Solestruck years ago so I don't think they can be found anywhere other than eBay and such. My friend Mer is selling hers, so maybe give her a try! Otherwise, sorry! Happy hunting!


  1. Omg, what creature are you and why are you so gorgeous *girlcrush*

  2. Stunning! The subtle dreadful details really elevate this look.

  3. gorgeous photos, outfit, and hair! always love your style! -Lindsay of Sheaves


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