Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little Hooded Figure

Went hopping through the forest...
Hoodie: Ovate
Silk slip: Goodwill
Mesh slip: Goodwill
Stockings: Goodwill
Boots: Some store in San Francisco
Leather Gaiters: eBay

Eyeliner: Lime Crime

I was ALMOST about to write that for once I was wearing an outfit that had nothing from eBay included in it. Spoke too soon.
Anyway, this is a pretty common look for me. My Ovate hoodie and my gaiters are essential when I'm out and about on any given day. In fact, this is my second hoodie from Audrey Cantwell. I plan on being a loyal customer forever. My leather gaiters may last forever too. They're from WWII, I've worn them almost every day for years, and there's still not a sign of such abuse. Army surplus is the way to go.
(P.S. I lied. This wasn't shot in the forest. This is at a park in front of my house.)

1 comment:

  1. I really like the drapey-ness of that hood, it's perfect! I love a good oversized hood.


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