Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boy's Clothes

Hoodie: (c/o) Widow Clothing
Garters: (c/o) Noctex
Stockings: Don't remember
Eyeliner: Lime Crime (as always)

I feel the most comfortable in men's clothing. There's something liberating about it. Not in some sort of pseudo-feminist way, but more of a comfort food or safety net sort of way. I used to always steal my uncle's clothes (basically my older brother because of our slight age difference). And my dad's, then a few boyfriend's clothes over the years... And now I just buy them for myself. 
Also, sometimes women's clothing is just designed to be so damned uncomfortable.
This men's top from Widow suits me so perfectly. It's one of my new comfort foo -- I mean. Whatever.
Oh! And it's a hell of a lot like the Zionians' costumes in the Matrix. Since I saw the films in 2000something I've wanted a Nebuchadnezzer sweater so freaking bad! Now I'm set until the next reboot of Zion. 


  1. Hi, can I ask what brand of lip colour are you wearing in these shots (if you're wearing any) it's really lovely!

  2. Nice pictures! You're looking really lovely!

    x Dawn

  3. So beautifull ! Always have the sens of style =)
    Keep doin it, you inspire me.


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