Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mail Day!

Leather jacket: eBay
Hoodie: Ovate
Tank top: Express (I think.)
Velvet leggings: eBay
Bag (hidden by butt): eBay
Gaiters: eBay
Giant green rock: family heirloom
Mail bag: free with purchase of candy bar at local art store

Ok, so this is a little boring, I must admit. But this is essentially what you'd see me wearing on any given work day. (Which explains this case of half open dopey eyes.)
I take a weekly half hour walk to the post office every day and must dress accordingly. As a counter attack against Northern Californian winters (mild in comparison to growing up huddled next to a heater in the Pacific Northwest) I pile on layers. In case of encounters with banshees I prepare my feet for lightning speed sprinting with flat soles. And I make an attempt to look somewhat cute so I'm not mistaken for a hobo.
(Which does happen -- hi, mom.)

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